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~~What makes El Adobe Studios "A Different Class of Recording Studio"?   What makes us stand out from the rest, and what has kept us going strong in the Southwest  entertainment industry for over 35 years, is not "what" we are, but "who" we are.  Our goal is, and always has been, to make you feel that your recording experience is a dream come true.  We understand that whether it's your first time recording or you're an old pro at it, the "vibe" is critical.  

And that's why we encourage you to make yourself at home, first and foremost, and let the years of recording magic embeddded in these three foot adobe walls maximize your creative genius.  The El Adobe production team, with hundreds of national advertising and record productions under their belt, has more world class writing and performing experience than any other team in the region.  And we are here to serve you.


El Adobe Recording Studios & Production House is conveniently located in central El Paso, Texas, in a historic building, once an upscale restaurant, (check out the prices!), situated along the famed Butterfield Trail, where stage coaches traveled across West Texas. The 9,000 sq. ft. adobe brick building, which served many purposes in its history, was converted into a recording studio in 1978.

In its 37 year history El Adobe Recording Studios has served the recording, advertising and Film-TV industries. Legendary artists such as the Lynyrd Skynrd band and Latin superstar Juan Gabriel have come to El Adobe Recording Studios to record their hit albums. Quincy Jones Productions recorded portions of pianist Emily Bear’s album “Diversity” in 2013 at our facility. National ad agencies have also come to our studios to produce music and audio for broadcast media. Over 400 ad music productions have been produced at El Adobe Studios. Recent projects include the U.S. Army national radio spots (2013) for the New York based McCann Advertising Agency and the national jingle for the YWCA’s of America, which was written and produced by our staff. See our demo page to hear samples of our work.

Sonic excellence and a comfortable atmosphere are the trademarks of El Adobe Studios. Our Room “A” will house a symphony orchestra and our lounges and full kitchen give plenty of space for the creative mind to relax and excel at their work. El Paso International Airport is a ten minute drive away and we are only minutes away from dozens of hotels and restaurants in central El Paso. The tourist centers in Juarez, Mexico are a fifteen minute drive over the Chamizal International Bridge.

But El Adobe Recording Studios is more than just a recording studio. We have a staff of producers, composers, arrangers and musicians that can create music or sound design for any project you bring to the table, with a fast-turnaround. We write and produce for productions as diverse as symphonic to rap.

Spanish language music productions and diverse advertising agency productions are a staple of El Adobe Studios’ repertoire. Our proximity to the bi-cultural nexus of El Paso-Juarez gives us access to top talent in writers, producers, voice–over talent, singers, and actors ---- all bi-lingual.

If you are an ad agency who does not have a Hispanic department, our team of writers can create a powerful Spanish language version of your general market campaign. When simple translations won’t do, let our team help your clients capture the Hispanic market with a made-to-order customized Spanish language ad campaign.

If you’re an artist and want to produce your first or your fiftieth album project, let us take your vision to the next level. We’ve successfully completed award winning recording projects for artists with major label backing and, with the same level of integrity, artists who have come to us with only lyrics and an idea and we helped make their dream a reality. Adding beats to rap or organizing a live string session for an industrial rock band, flexibily and creativity are the cornerstone, (or should we say corner adobe brick), of El Adobe Recording Studios.

National Film & TV production companies, such as Oprah Winfrey’s OWN Network, True Entertainment, and others have utilized El Adobe Studios as a soundstage and production headquarters for TV and film productions. Ask about our availability as a filming soundstage and production headquarters for your film or television production. Let us help you make your next Film, TV spot, TV show, or music video as seamless as possible. Your imagination is the limit!

 A Different Class of Recording Studio

For more info give us a call @ 915.781.2627 or 575.491.0595

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